Monday, February 9, 2009

Apathy and Emptiness

I got up at 7 despite sleeping at 1.
I spent about 2 hours on the computer/reading. Suppose to go to my mom's work to get cash because I was going to hang with Sarina and Arielle. I was discouraged to go outside but I really didn't care. Not even a little bit. Waited for the bus for about 20 min, in the windy rain. Its sucked but I enjoyed in a weird way. Repeat twice for a total of 45 min in rain. Cold and wet, I arrive at my mom's work and get the money. Go to santa monica, waiting for that call. Never came, once again I didn't really care for some reason. Actually, I think I expected it to happen. I spent most of my day reading. Took the bus to grand view, picked up my sister. She can talk a lot. It's nice but sometimes it's annoying, ha. She's 8 years old and is already talking about drugs. I hope she sticks to her plan of not doing them. 

Found out my sister plans not to do drugs
Kettle chips are so much better than frito lay chips
Had a conversation with a crackhead

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