Monday, January 19, 2009

Alex Gonzalez

This guy sucks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Horton hears a foo.

Ah, today was another day, stuff happened.

Wrote an Obama poem, solved algebra II problems, worked a "stock "broker, talked about Tupac & Biggie, reviewed plant structure and reproduction, and slept through my last class...again.

I feel the same. Tired and Sore. I should sleep more and live a tad healthier. Ever since I stopped swimming, those two things have been plaguing me. Swim season's soon, so back on track? I can't imagine swimming with a unhealthy body. Or not sleeping. I have a lot of energy, like equivalent of a 5 year old. Swimming drains all that energy. I love swimming. glub.

And I've been downloading and listening to a lot of rap lately, being my new favorite genre for now. Electronic music was the previous one, for about a year, and something tells me I'll be going back like in a month, but for now, tupac, dre, biggie and some new school like akon and lil wayne. I'm getting music recommendations from my classmates in my film-making class, the "ghetto" kids. They cool, ha.

Tomorrow's friday, hooray! But I'm probably not doing anything this weekend (T_T).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aww Shit.

Second Day was definitely better. With 6 hours of sleep.
Beasted my ap bio study guide and math homework last night -_-. 

  Got up late, late to school. Oakleaf for a second day in a row for english. I personally think he's slower but better at teaching than Mr. Jones, and makes the class interesting by putting his own twist, and I'm not just talking about the humor. Makes good points and makes the material understandable. Reading something written by some French guy who's talking about how America is the alma mater of the european or descendants of europeans rather than their home country, which they couldn't really call their home, because most of them were poor, treated like crap by the rich and had no say in any matter or even count as a citizen. This was written just after America was established as an independent country. Land of opportunity, blah blah, but it was pretty interesting. Then math came next, Mr. Bruno gave us homework, talked about negative exponents, fractional exponents, and a bunch of other stuff that I thankfully understand because he's a good teacher to put it simply. Nutrition, hanging out under the bridge? Yep, and at the end, I somehow ended up pretending to be Maya's boyfriend so she could shoo off this one kid who apparently is a slight nuisance [to the girls]. Another fake relationship, yay. Studied for ap bio test during 3rd and 4th, H US History and Filmmaking, respectively. 5th period, bio, test. ehh, I think I did well on the multiple choice and put a little effort in the essay, because the one thing I didn't study for was the carbon or nitrogen cycle. I know I can't do worse than a C, so I guess I feel safe. Ha. Lunch was full of something and can not remember it. Slept through Spanish. 

  After-school, was something too. Didn't have to pick up my sis so I was free as a... flying bison? I'll go with that. Walked with Kiana to the bus, saw ashley & ben talking, then Jenni & Miranda passed by. Went to Bruno's w/ Miranda, went to the front. Alex, Kima, Sandro, and who else? My memory has gone to crap lately, I used to have the memory of an elephant. Probably because I haven't worked it out in a while. So unfit in a physically and mentally :/. Oh! Grace, hahaha. Lots of riff raff, back at outside Bruno's room, RIM time, going to the parking lot, bye bye to J, M, and J. Went to Costco with Alex. A, A, and K were there, ate pizza, found out Ms N was A's mom, and some discussion of semen & swallowing. Back to School, both As leave and it's just D, A & K. On our way to walking on the sidewalk, I find an iTouch. hooray? I guess... Now I'm home rushing this blog and preparing for showertime.


Monday, January 12, 2009

The 12th

Winter break has ended and school had begun. My weekend was unmemorable due to lack of sleep. Save for Dylan's thing on Friday, where I got to see some friends like Marie (aka jenni) and some my favorite bands play.

   The day back started like any other day, get up, school and (soon to) sleep. A lot of my classmates seemed to be really out of it, not quite accustomed to the school routine, since we kind of had 3 whole weeks off. I thought I did fine until I got home, and became very tired. Hit me like a train, and even napping for 2 hours didn't really help at all. My body is not quite ready for this shit, but I give it a couple of days before it adapts. And I'm even more worried about the upcoming swim season, which is a bittersweet situation. I love swimming and spending time with fellow swimmers, but I haven't exactly been working out for a while. Pretty much since last season in May '08. I just might die.

  And that's all I can think of that's on top of my mind.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alright, another shot.

Well, I...hmmm. Got no sleep. And that's all I'm saying about it.

Yesterday...Tuesday. Jan 6 09
 Got up at 5, whoa! But I did manage to go to sleep at 8 so it was all good. Got up, dressed up for lower temperature, (maybe 50s?) and left with gramps, heading to the waste of precious land, AKA the golf course(Alondra, Picture of it above). I'll cut it some slack, and say that they do house wildlife. So, I play golf and daydream about shit that makes you go, "hmm, that's pretty neat". Aha! Finally at 10:30am, we leave the course. yay.

  Now, I can't really recall what I did after that because believe or not, somehow, someway, golfing made me fucking tired. But I do remember staying at my grandparent's house, eating a pasta that I can't spell and starts with T, playing on the computer, and taking a three hour nap.
Alright, so me 'n my sis get dropped off at home. It's been a day, a day off for my mom to watch some tv in peace and not clean up after her kids. Now we're back, oh boy. But for now, it was all good. Funny enough, my mom made the same exact pasta that I ate for lunch and actually, monday night dinner. I go upstairs into another apartment, my grandparent's (another set!) apartment. They own the whole building, so my mom rents an apartment downstairs, and I pretty much kind of live with my grandparents, if that makes any sense. So. I go to my room, and try to complete the homework that was unknown to me while I was beasting my known homework earlier this  break.

  Hmm, then later on that evening, I come downstairs for no reason. Really, no reason, have no idea why I went down. I walk across my mom's view of  the television like three times tops. She gets mad. Starts bitching, and then it's not about her view of the tv anymore. Alcohol, Parties and School were some subjects she drifted into, raving and ranting. I forgot what I did, but it put into a more positive mood and she was pretty tired from talking, or rambling. Parents are weird. 

 My mom passes out on the couch, and I decide to stay the night, partly because I brought my computer down for the faster internet, and mostly because my room is a refrigerator during the winter. I literally refrigerate food and drink in my room, no joke. It's kind of exciting sleeping in that room, because there's that slight chance you'll wake up frozen or intensely sick. It's like taking chances with your health! Luckily, I think my body became used to that kind of environment, but if I had a choice, I'd stay somewhere warmer. And I have that choice! So yea, i pick the warmer place. Mhm, now I stay up all night talking to Ivan (Alex) and Arielle (She went to sleep at like 2 or 3) and looking shit up on pirate bay, and downloaded watchmen and this game called fate. And now I'm like posting dis blog. 

 I'll probably go to bed soon, and sleep through this whole day. Nothing planned! Booo.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Goodness! Golfing in my sleep

Hmm...I guess I finally gave in and created a blog. What am I suppose to do in these things anyways?

Well, I did mange to get some sleep today (note: not last night), but only about 4 hours. Damn insomnia? I like chatting with others, but I don't think it should continue into the morning. Not like 1 in the morning, more like 5/6 am in the morning. Fortunately and unfortunately, I do manage to get more than 8 hours of sleep, but that has me sleeping through the whole day. So, I stay up really late one night and the messed up cycle begins, so I can't blame insomnia for anything (you're off the hook). I gotta stop, hopefully before school starts because a couple of hours of sleep is not going to cut it since I can't exactly sleep through the day like I've been doing last week. But I did go to sleep earlier than usual (3 am!), so I'm guessing that I'm making some progress.

I got up early today though, to babysit my sister who's currently enjoying some sleep, until our grandparents pick us up so we can spend the night! Hooray? I guess, but I'm only going because me 'n gramps are getting up super early to play some golf. It's okay I guess, not a huge fan of the "sport" but at least I get to pet and feed some friendly squirrels and maybe see some other wildlife. I suck by regular standards, but I can play pretty decently, which means I can get the ball in the hole within a reasonable amount of strokes, like 1 or 2 over par. (par=# of strokes to get the ball in the hole) The guy we play with, Nelson, is a like a 65+ year old guy, who gives off the vibe of being a bit conservative and fought in a war. I guess I have my reasons to believe this, but he's a pretty good guy, taught me some pretty good lessons about respect and how to give a non-wimpy handshake. But never anything about golf, oddly enough. 3 years, and still no golf advice (Then again, I really don't care much about golf). So, I wait for tomorrow, and hope it doesn't drag on like it does on television.

Yea, so this is my first blog and I'm like done writing I guess.