Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alright, another shot.

Well, I...hmmm. Got no sleep. And that's all I'm saying about it.

Yesterday...Tuesday. Jan 6 09
 Got up at 5, whoa! But I did manage to go to sleep at 8 so it was all good. Got up, dressed up for lower temperature, (maybe 50s?) and left with gramps, heading to the waste of precious land, AKA the golf course(Alondra, Picture of it above). I'll cut it some slack, and say that they do house wildlife. So, I play golf and daydream about shit that makes you go, "hmm, that's pretty neat". Aha! Finally at 10:30am, we leave the course. yay.

  Now, I can't really recall what I did after that because believe or not, somehow, someway, golfing made me fucking tired. But I do remember staying at my grandparent's house, eating a pasta that I can't spell and starts with T, playing on the computer, and taking a three hour nap.
Alright, so me 'n my sis get dropped off at home. It's been a day, a day off for my mom to watch some tv in peace and not clean up after her kids. Now we're back, oh boy. But for now, it was all good. Funny enough, my mom made the same exact pasta that I ate for lunch and actually, monday night dinner. I go upstairs into another apartment, my grandparent's (another set!) apartment. They own the whole building, so my mom rents an apartment downstairs, and I pretty much kind of live with my grandparents, if that makes any sense. So. I go to my room, and try to complete the homework that was unknown to me while I was beasting my known homework earlier this  break.

  Hmm, then later on that evening, I come downstairs for no reason. Really, no reason, have no idea why I went down. I walk across my mom's view of  the television like three times tops. She gets mad. Starts bitching, and then it's not about her view of the tv anymore. Alcohol, Parties and School were some subjects she drifted into, raving and ranting. I forgot what I did, but it put into a more positive mood and she was pretty tired from talking, or rambling. Parents are weird. 

 My mom passes out on the couch, and I decide to stay the night, partly because I brought my computer down for the faster internet, and mostly because my room is a refrigerator during the winter. I literally refrigerate food and drink in my room, no joke. It's kind of exciting sleeping in that room, because there's that slight chance you'll wake up frozen or intensely sick. It's like taking chances with your health! Luckily, I think my body became used to that kind of environment, but if I had a choice, I'd stay somewhere warmer. And I have that choice! So yea, i pick the warmer place. Mhm, now I stay up all night talking to Ivan (Alex) and Arielle (She went to sleep at like 2 or 3) and looking shit up on pirate bay, and downloaded watchmen and this game called fate. And now I'm like posting dis blog. 

 I'll probably go to bed soon, and sleep through this whole day. Nothing planned! Booo.

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