Thursday, January 15, 2009

Horton hears a foo.

Ah, today was another day, stuff happened.

Wrote an Obama poem, solved algebra II problems, worked a "stock "broker, talked about Tupac & Biggie, reviewed plant structure and reproduction, and slept through my last class...again.

I feel the same. Tired and Sore. I should sleep more and live a tad healthier. Ever since I stopped swimming, those two things have been plaguing me. Swim season's soon, so back on track? I can't imagine swimming with a unhealthy body. Or not sleeping. I have a lot of energy, like equivalent of a 5 year old. Swimming drains all that energy. I love swimming. glub.

And I've been downloading and listening to a lot of rap lately, being my new favorite genre for now. Electronic music was the previous one, for about a year, and something tells me I'll be going back like in a month, but for now, tupac, dre, biggie and some new school like akon and lil wayne. I'm getting music recommendations from my classmates in my film-making class, the "ghetto" kids. They cool, ha.

Tomorrow's friday, hooray! But I'm probably not doing anything this weekend (T_T).

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