Monday, January 12, 2009

The 12th

Winter break has ended and school had begun. My weekend was unmemorable due to lack of sleep. Save for Dylan's thing on Friday, where I got to see some friends like Marie (aka jenni) and some my favorite bands play.

   The day back started like any other day, get up, school and (soon to) sleep. A lot of my classmates seemed to be really out of it, not quite accustomed to the school routine, since we kind of had 3 whole weeks off. I thought I did fine until I got home, and became very tired. Hit me like a train, and even napping for 2 hours didn't really help at all. My body is not quite ready for this shit, but I give it a couple of days before it adapts. And I'm even more worried about the upcoming swim season, which is a bittersweet situation. I love swimming and spending time with fellow swimmers, but I haven't exactly been working out for a while. Pretty much since last season in May '08. I just might die.

  And that's all I can think of that's on top of my mind.

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