Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Goodness! Golfing in my sleep

Hmm...I guess I finally gave in and created a blog. What am I suppose to do in these things anyways?

Well, I did mange to get some sleep today (note: not last night), but only about 4 hours. Damn insomnia? I like chatting with others, but I don't think it should continue into the morning. Not like 1 in the morning, more like 5/6 am in the morning. Fortunately and unfortunately, I do manage to get more than 8 hours of sleep, but that has me sleeping through the whole day. So, I stay up really late one night and the messed up cycle begins, so I can't blame insomnia for anything (you're off the hook). I gotta stop, hopefully before school starts because a couple of hours of sleep is not going to cut it since I can't exactly sleep through the day like I've been doing last week. But I did go to sleep earlier than usual (3 am!), so I'm guessing that I'm making some progress.

I got up early today though, to babysit my sister who's currently enjoying some sleep, until our grandparents pick us up so we can spend the night! Hooray? I guess, but I'm only going because me 'n gramps are getting up super early to play some golf. It's okay I guess, not a huge fan of the "sport" but at least I get to pet and feed some friendly squirrels and maybe see some other wildlife. I suck by regular standards, but I can play pretty decently, which means I can get the ball in the hole within a reasonable amount of strokes, like 1 or 2 over par. (par=# of strokes to get the ball in the hole) The guy we play with, Nelson, is a like a 65+ year old guy, who gives off the vibe of being a bit conservative and fought in a war. I guess I have my reasons to believe this, but he's a pretty good guy, taught me some pretty good lessons about respect and how to give a non-wimpy handshake. But never anything about golf, oddly enough. 3 years, and still no golf advice (Then again, I really don't care much about golf). So, I wait for tomorrow, and hope it doesn't drag on like it does on television.

Yea, so this is my first blog and I'm like done writing I guess.

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