Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally, an awesome day in 2009.

I'm not quite sure if I've had an awesome day this year, before today but... this one sticks out.

Did not get up early enough for morning swim. Nothing to tire me out for today's field trip! But still disappointing that I wasn't able to get up. Need some more discipline, or else I'm screwed in life, in general.

This was the field trip: 
8 am-Meet in front, from groups of 5 or 6. 
Adam, Athena, Anthony, Jonny and William were my group members. Ha.

8:15 am-Depart VHS
Sitting next to Jonny... lots of molestation.

9:15 am-McDonald's
Yuck, but I did eat a hash brown. And a cliff bar.

9:45 am-Depart Mcdonald's
Before the people start complaining....

10:00 am- Petersen Automotive Musuem
Pretty cool, a lot of awesome cars. Visually attractive, and educational. I'd like to go again.

11:30 am- Depart Petersen Automotive Museum
Aww, I need to go again. 90 minutes was not enough. They're going to have another exhibit up soon, so I plan to go again soon.

12:00 pm- Lunch at Farmer's Market/The Grove
Best part of the day. Spent the beginning wandering around. Later, with Jonny and Tony, walked around the Grove. Jokes son, ahaha. Haven't had such a (uber) funny day in a while. Taking pictures with the A & F guy, lmao. Exploration with friends, I love that. Even saw an old friend at johnny rockets, Arthur! haha, this part of the day was the best.

1:00 pm-Depart Farmer's Market/The Grove
Time to leave, oh boy. Teachers and chaperones were late. Bus rides full of more molestation, pictures and stuff.

2:00 pm-Return to VHS and report to 6th period!
Lunch was still going on. Saw Jess, friend I met during the summer who lives in NY. I should hang out with her soon before she leaves! Thought I was swimming but there was a girl's h20 polo game today, so yay! No dying, and recovery is extended.

Stayed the whole time (after 3) till the game was over. Went to rainbow acres w/ van and andrea. Then In n out, Jessie, Zac and Jeffery were there. Hanging out, having a good time pretty much. To massimo's we went, gelato time.  Then bus home. Man i am tired. I should be doing my homework....I liked this day.

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